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Global Premier Fertility has developed a unique partnership model for fertility practices, providing physicians the resources to practice independently, while having a strong experienced management team behind the scenes to execute the vision of the practice.

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About Global Premier Fertility

A Unique, Industry-Leading Approach

We have listened to reproductive endocrinologists across the world in developing our unique collaborative partnership model, which now sets the standard in fertility practice strategy, limiting disruption and delivering value.

When you become a partner in Global Premier Fertility, you join an organization with access at the highest levels and investment opportunities that would be impossible to achieve alone. All leading to the goal of providing best-in-class fertility care to patients and market dominance.

Key Benefits
  • Partner with trusted business experts to build a world class fertility network.
  • Own a real part of the network you build.
  • Achieve key milestones together.
  • Share in the success and ongoing earnings transparently.
  • Sell practice equity as you near and plan for retirement.
  • Participate in an ultimate major liquidity event.
  • Create a growth opportunity for junior partners to leave a legacy for the next generation of physicians and patients.

Helping You Focus on What Matters Most

Building a World Class Fertility Network

Putting You First

Helping Our Physicians Improve and Strengthen Their Businesses

Global Premier Fertility works hard to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs and make your business more efficient and profitable. We fund the creation and development of the overall network in true partnership with well-respected physicians.

  • Physicians retain all clinical control and continue “as is” without the burden of day to day business management duties
  • Physicians and GPF work together to build and grow the network, an ideal combination of physicians and trusted business experts with deep industry expertise
  • Physicians hold worthwhile equity in the network management company and have real influence in key decisions across the system while participating in an ultimate liquidity event
Committed to Excellence

Powerful Solutions.
Transformative Results.

Global Premier Fertility provides a full range of services to support your business to make life simpler so you can focus on your patients.

Scalable Network

A scalable network allows for the implementation of operational efficiencies that create cost reduction opportunities

Ancillary Revenue

Ancillary businesses will either be built or acquired with the support of the capital partnership

Employer Channels

Joint venture opportunity with employer health plans and groups to bring more patients a full-service experience

Field Sales Team

Having the right experts in the field working with all channels of the referral network is essential to maintaining and maximizing in bound patients while enhancing the practice reputation and brand

Direct to Consumer Marketing

Deploying sophisticated direct to consumer marketing efforts combined with a well managed inbound call center team and scheduling system will increase volumes and gain a competitive advantage over other practices in the broader region

Shared Investments

The network management company, co-owned with the physicians, will bring key business investments in-house where all partners will share in the earnings from these additional revenue streams

Leadership Team

The Industry’s Most
Experienced Management Team

Executive and Clinical Leadership Team for Advanced, Modern, Personalized Fertility Care.

Kolin Ozonian

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Smith

Chief Development Officer

Jason Edgeworth

Chief Financial Officer

Robb Fahrion

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Joel Batzofin

Chief Medical Officer

Teresa Randolph

VP Strategic Initiatives

Keiko Inoue

VP Operations

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